Welcome to a Model Maker and Artist

Living in South Wales, UK. I was a regular soldier for many years. After leaving the Army I worked in Industry and then 10 years as a College Lecturer.. Since my teens I have made models. I now make my own figures from spare plastic left over after building model aircraft kits. I melt down the plastic in Acetone. All the 1/16 (120mm) figures are completely scratch-built. The 1/72 (54mm) are either highly converted Airfix Mulitipose Kits or scratch-built. The aircraft are 1/72 kits, with some highly converted. All markings have been hand-painted, meaning no use of decals or transfers. Since retirement I joined an Artist Society and enjoy painting mostly landscapes and seascapes in oil paints with some exceptions in water colours... I also like reproducing paintings of 'Old Masters' and old local mines. I normally sell my paintings at Art Exhibitions and model figures at Military Modelling Exhibitions. I am always open to offers.